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Based on an original screenplay, Moxie is the story of Sinclair Anapest, a failed writer ready to kick the bucket after being informed in no uncertain terms that his writing lacks “moxie” and his manuscript is dog drool.

A greater problem, and opportunity, arises when Sin tries to hang himself and accidentally summons the devil, “Prince.” In exchange for Sin’s soul, Prince will give Sin moxie and a new life in the form of a coupon book which holds four coupons. One coupon is for sex, one for genius, one for money, and one for power. After all of the four coupons are activated, Sin must join Prince in his war against Heaven.

Embarking on a series of outrageous events, intertwined with pie fights, women mud-wrestling, fake robbers, and wild chases, the film is in the tradition of chase films like Rat Race and It’s a Mad, Mad World. Sin uses three of the coupons before being choked by concern over what will follow the fourth. With a power-hungry Prince, close on his heels, and the only moderately effective angel, Jerahmeel, trying to intervene for Sin, it is not going too well. Sin and his girlfriend, Coleen, scheme and work with haste to find a way to nullify the contract.






Robert Kirschten has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. In 2009, he was elected to Who’s Who in America. He is the author or editor of six academic books, four books of poems, and has written eight screenplays and a pilot for a sitcom. Kirschten has won numerous awards, including Best Screenplay at Red Wasp Film Festival and Woods Hole Film Festival. He is winner of the Best Shorts Award of Merit in 2011 for his poetry video DVD “Old Family Movies.” Another DVD, “Goofy Tunes,” premiered in Los Angeles at the New Media Film Festival.




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